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Aug 30


Sep 24

Describing Motion: Ch 2 All Q1, Q3, Q4HW, Q5 Q8HW, Q9, Q13, Q14HW, Q18HW, Q19 , Q21, Q24, E1 My Solutions Chapter 2

Falling Objects and Projectile Motion

Ch 3 All Q3,Q4HW, Q5, Q14, Q17 , Q20HW, Q24/Q23,E1HW, E11 My Soltions Chapter 3

Homework Problems are BOLD with HW like Q8HW, where Q8 is 4th Edition number

Single Problem number like Q1 are for 4th Edition Numbers like Q24/Q23, the Q23 is for 6th Edtion

Text Ch3 , ALL figures, “Try this box” 3.2 and 3.3
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  Past_Exams_phy110 Past Exams -> My Solutions
  Final S05 My Solutions, prob 1,2;
  Final My SolutionsS04 My Solutions, prob 1;
  Final My Solution F04, prob 1 and 2;
  Final F05 My Solitions, prob 1and 2;
  Mid Term S05 My Solutions , prob 1 to 3;
  Mid Term My Solutions F04 Prob 1 and 2;
  Mid Term My Solutions S04, prob 1 to 4;
  1. Scientic Notation
  2. Unit Coversions - How to
  3. Vectors Basics - Definitions and Properties
  4. A Quick show of how to Add and Subtract Vectors
   5. See the results Adding and Subtracting two vectors that are at various angles to each other
   6. xva-xs-t_BASICS-Motion-definitions,graphs,examples
   7. Visual Comparison of Some Units
   8.Lab2 (Graphs) Rewrite
   9. Obtaining g using Graphical Analysis of d vs t and d vs t2 data.
   10. Straight Line Graphs - Draft pdf 101kB
   11. By Eye Best Fit of a Straight Line Graph - pdf 32kB for LAB 2
   12. Rotational Equilibrium Calculations pdf 84kB for LAB 6
 13.  Archmedes Lab.pdf pdf 80kB for LAB 7
 14. GraphPaper_10x10x5th    GraphPaper_10x10x10th for downloading
  15. A Simple Method and Layout for Solving Physics Problems
   Khan Academy - A rich resource for physis, math , chemistry, biology,econnomics,.current issues THIS IS A MUST!!
  Java Applets on Physics , scroll down to Mechanics ,then to Motion with Constant Acceleration AND you find much more as you scroll down farther. HAVE FUN!
  Math Skills Review - Scientific Notation and more (see list at bottom)
  EDinformatics - a powerful extensive site



Sep 20


Oct 22

Newton's Laws of Motion Ch 4 All Q9/Q8, Q14/Q13, Q16/Q15, Q19/Q18HW, Q21/Q20HW, Q28, E17/E18, E18/E19, CP2HW My Solutions Chapter 4
Circular Motion, the Planets and Gravity Ch 5 All Q4, Q9, Q12 ,Q18, Q19, E1, E6HW , E10, E11HW , E14 My Solutions Chapter 5
Energy and Oscillations Ch 6 All Q6 , Q9, Q13HW, Q19 , Q21 , Q27/Q31 HW, E5, E10HW ,CP5/SP5 My Solutions Chapter 6
Momentum and Impulse Ch 7 All Q10, Q17, Q28/Q31, Q30/Q33HW, E1HW , E16 My Solutions Chapter 7

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  1a Elevator - Effective Weight
  2a  A Pictorial View of Newton's 2nd Law
  3a Notes On Work and Energy and Momentum
  4a Vectors Basics - Definitions and Properties
    General Vectors-All Writeups

  5 Fluids in Motion

 6 Midterm

  7Notes on Thermodynamics 1.pdf "> Notes on Thermodynamics

  8Notes on Electrostatics1.pdf "> Notes on Electrostatcs

  9Notes on Series and Parallel Circuits.pdf "> Notes on Series and Parallel Circuits

  10Chapter 14 Figures ">Chapter 14 Figures


  Rotational Motion of Solid Objects - Torques Ch 8  


Nov ??


Nov 21

The Behavior of Fluids Ch 9  Q1, Q6, Q8, Q12, Q17, Q18, Q21, Q23HW Q24, Q29, Q30, E2 HW, E16 HW, CP3 My Solutions Chapter 9
Temperature and Heat Ch 10  Q2, Q6, Q10, Q11, Q14, Q16 HW, Q20,Q21HW, Q25, Q29, Q30, Q32, E1 HW, E2, E7 HW, E15 My Solutions Chapter 10


Nov 26


Dec 14

Heat Engines and 2nd Law of Thermodynamics Ch 11 Q1HW, Q3, Q4HW, Q8, Q15,E1,E9HW My Solutions Chapter 11
Electrostatic Ch 12 Q1HW,Q19HW,E13,E14HW,E17HW,My Solutions Chapter 12
Electric Circuits Ch 13 Q1HW, Q5, Q8, Q13, Q14 Q15, E5, E16HW , E17WH, My Solutions Chapter 13
Magnetism and Electromagnetism Ch 14 Q2, Q3HW, Q5, Q11, Q12, Q22, Q25HW, Q27, Q30HW, Q31


  Making Waves Ch 15  
  Light Waves and Color Ch 16  
  Light and Image Formation Ch 17  
  Structure of the Atom Ch 18  
  The Nucleus and Nuclear Energy Ch 19