Assignments Phy210


Ch1&2 due Thu

Feb 17

Topic Chapter&Section Problems
Introduction to Physics: Ch 1 All 5, 6HW, 15, 16HW, 22, 23HW, 25,28HW, 29 My Solutions Chapter 1

Motion in One Dimension

Ch 2 All

6HW, 8, 9, 17HW, 22, 24, 25, 30, 34HW,39, 50, 51HW My Soltions Chapter 2

Vectors and Motion in Two Dimensions

Ch 3 All

2HW, 3,19, 20HW,24HW, 25, 29HW, 59

My Soltions Chapter 3

Homework Problems are BOLD with HW like 6HW

Writeups - on Class website
   Scientic Notation
   Unit Coversions - How to
   Obtaining g using Graphical Analysis of d vs t and d vs t2 data.
  Visual Comparison of Some Units
   Straight Line Graphs - Draft pdf 101kB
   GraphPaper_10x10x5th    GraphPaper_10x10x10th for downloading
   A Method and Layout for Solving Physics Problems
   A Quick show of how to Add and Subtract VECTORS
   See the results Adding and Subtracting two VECTORS that are at various angles to each other
   VECTOR Basics - Definitions and Properties
     General VECTORS-All Writeups

 WebLinks - External Links
   Khan Academy - A rich resource for physis, math , chemistry, biology,econnomics,.current issues THIS IS A MUST!!
  Java Applets on Physics , scroll down to Mechanics ,then to Motion with Constant Acceleration AND you find much more as you scroll down farther. HAVE FUN!
  Math Skills Review - Scientific Notation and more (see list at bottom)
 EDinformatics - a powerful extensive site

Ch 3&4 due Th Mar 8


Ch 5&6 Due Th Mar Tu 22

Ch 7

Tu Mar 26


Ch 8 &9

Th Apr 28


Th May12


Newton's Laws of Motion Ch 4 All

20HW,21HW 36,40,45,54,60HWMy Solutions Chapter 4

Energy Ch 5 All 5HW,25WH,36,39,50,51,88, My Solutions Chapter 5
Momentum and Collisions Ch 6 All

9HW,10,13, 14, 18, 22HW, 23,42

My Solutions Chapter 6

Rotational Motion and Gravitation Ch 7 All

7, 9HW,25,27,33HW, 39, 56,74 My Solutions Chapter 7

 Class website
  Past Exams -> My Solutions
   All Exams
  Elevator - Effective Weight
  Notes On Work and Energy
Rotational Equilibrium and Dynamics Ch 8 8, 9HW,14HW,30, 40, 44, 52HW, 56HW, 65HW, 66, 87My Solutions Chapter 8

Solids and Fluids Ch 9

4, 7HW,10,11, 16HW, 19,24, 26HW, 29, 47,53HW ,57(New) My Solutions Chapter 9

Thermal Physics Ch 10.1,2,3

2 , 3HW,4, 5HW, 10,11HW,12, 13HW,14,15,18,28HW,31HW,34 My Solutions Chapter 10

Heat Thermal Energy Ch 11.1,2,4

1, 2HW,3,4HW,5,9,12HW,26HW,35My Solutions Chapter 11

The Laws of Thermodynamicsc Ch 12.1,2

13, 14HW, 15My Solutions Chapter 12

Vibrations and Waves Ch 13
Sound Ch 14