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We are a democratic society constantly making decisions on complex issues like the environment, economics, resources, population, education and politics. Many of these are driven by science, technology, money and finance, and require mathematics to weigh the options. This makes it imperative that every citizen is well educated in these topics and trained in the methods to analyze them. Otherwise, the citizenry cannot make knowledgeable, intelligent and reasonable decisions affecting the society or their own well being. Further, this can leave them vulnerable to believing and supporting unreasonable, emotional, demagogic arguments. This is not only a personal and a societal tragedy, but it is as much a matter of national security and national defense, or even more so, than having a strong military.


The primary purpose of this website is to help those of all ages and all level of education to obtain the knowledge and skills to wisely make these decisions. We study mathematics, physics in particular, science in general, technology, and their applications in these decision making situations.          


Let’s look at a few examples: Doctors and health care rationing(coming),  your fair share of the earth's land; “425=6¼“(coming) , personal finances - your budget, credit cards, retirement investments.


 An apology  -  Since starting this site in 1997 most of my efforts have been spent on ; (1)  on my classes Let’s look at a few examples:  Class Stuff , (2) developing a large number of new items which need to be made ready for “primetime”.  This was done while working full time as a computer professional, teaching part-time, being heavily involved in a variety of  professional , civic, and community organizations and activities.



As illustrated in the above examples, we concentrate on quantitative issues. First, decide what we want talk about 䥊ine the question. Then we have to research the proper data. Next we use mathematics to provide the tools and methods to get the numbers and patterns to tell us the story that helps to expose the limits of our plans and expectations. This may often reveal or suggest new possibilities. The role of history, here, is to use historical data (numbers over time) to reveal trends. Items like political, economic, and social issues, the basic mission of history, are beyond the scope of the studies here.


To achieve this understanding requires learning. Like breathing and walking, learning is perfectly natural. But, to do them efficiently and effectively requires knowledge about their processes and practices. So, learning is also explored here.


Efforts are made to present material to accommodate those vast number of people, who by no fault of their own, are fearful of math and science.


If you do not understand something after trying very hard, do not consider it as necessarily your lack of intellect, but rather, more likely my failure to communicate. So, please contact me at Also contact me If you find errors.


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