Your Budget

Some of the major steps in budgeting are

   1. Knowing your income.

   2. Knowing your expenses.

   3. Matching your expense to your income. Relate your expenses to your income

   4. Making policies for your spending.

   5. Monitoring your progress.


Step 3 is technically a most difficult task. This is because your income is stated in one time frame - $/hour, $/day, $/week, $/month, $/year; you are paid in another; you have daily, weekly, monthly and annual expenses.

  For example:

  1.  your stated pay is $25/hour – pay rate;

  2.  you are paid bi-weekly (every two weeks) – the pay check;

  3.  you work 8 hour/day for 5 days a week and 40 weeks a year– work schedule.

 How does these relate to your monthly $1200 rent, your $6 lunch for each of the 5days at work, 10 cans of soda a day your family drinks on each 5 weekdays and 15 cans on each of the two weekend days at 70cents a can, the $200 you pay four times a year for auto insurance?   

Typically expenses are calculated to the time frame of the pay check.  This takes lots of calculations – hours using pencil, paper and a calculator.  If the expenses are less than the pay check, you are “ok”. But, if your expenses are more than your paycheck you got a problem! You gotta  cut expenses or get more pay. Now the fun really starts.    

This budget tool is a spreadsheet application that takes your pay and work schedule and calculates your pay and your expenses in $/hour, $/day, $/weeks,  $/month, $/year and  each expense as a % of your actual total income. From the start, every time you make a change all values are immediately recalculated and displayed.  In addition there is a summary bar on every page so that you can see where you stand on expense versus income!


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The Purpose of a Budget

Some Uses of this Application Personal, School, Education, Politics


 The Structure of the Application

The Seven Sheets (Pages)

What's on All Seven Sheets (Pages)

What's on All Five Income Sheets (Pages)

How to Use This Application

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Your budget - Examples_Annotated xls Annotated version of Examples. The annotations explain features and how it works. It cannot be altered. It is locked so that annotations will stay put.

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