Your Budget


Some uses of this spreadsheet application are:

1.     To manage your finances on your present income; even for a short temperary situation like a student with her/his term, or summer expenses.

2.     To meet goals:

1.    To determine the income needed to afford all the things you want and how to get it through increased pay rate and/or increased hours worked;

2.      How and where to cut back if your income falls, or if you are trying to save, planning or preparing to retire;

1.     For students from grades 6 though 12 to learn about managing their finances so that they can live a better life. Many peoples' financial problems occur from not knowng the detailed relation between their income and expenses.

2.     For these students to learn how the simplest mathematics, basic arithmetic, can produce powerful practical tools.


1.     To get a view of how people live on various incomes - the poor, very poor, the middle, the upper, etc., and what types of options and opportunities they may or may not have.