What's YOUR PAY Worth?


For many real life situations, the first step in dealing with your finances is to know what your stated pay means in various time frames – hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, annual. Here you your stated pay is $20/hour. You need to estimate what you can pay montly for an apartment.

The Scene

You just got a new job paying $20 an hour, up from a long run  $9 an hour and below.  You will be working 8 hours a day 5 days a week. After some quick, but tedious, calculations – that’s $800 a week, about $40,000 a year! Wow!!, about $3200 a month. After taxes and other expenses I quess I can afford around a $1000 a month for an apartment.                 
Oop!!!  For a combination of reasons I will be only working 40 weeks of the year, not 52. After some more tedious calculations you discover that you only have about $2600 a month if this income is to last you for the year.

If you worked all year your Actual Income would be $ 41,600 a year, $3,467 a month, $800 a week.  If you got paid weekly or monthly this would be the actual amount on your pay check while you are working . But, working 40 weeks means you earn $32,000 that must be spread over the whole year. So, your Effective Income is $32,000 a year, $2,667 a month,  $614 a week. These are what you Effectively have available each time period, that is,  in each time frame.
The calculator and the pencil have been going like mad!!
Your fingers are tired; the paper is a mass of scribbles!!!
See calculations               

But, the calculations are tiring, tediuous and exhausting. Every change requires a set of new calculations. Wouldn’t it be nice to have something that does all the math for you and just gives you the result?

That is exactly what  “What’s Your Pay Worth?” does for you. Make a change in the input data and up pops the results.




Here are some examples that illustrate how to use the program.



  1. People – trying to get a first cut on managing their finances; 
  2. People - determining amountof pay for overtime worked.
  3. Students-  the value of their part-time jobs.
  4. School  -  from middle school, on up, to learn some basics about personal finance.
  5. Politics – challenges !


Download Your Pay_Blank.xls

Download of Your Pay_SAMPLE.xls

After downloading – 

1. "Save to disk" ,

2. Open with Microsoft Excel 97, or later; or Open Office 2.4, or later.

3. "Save as NewName". Where NewName is anything you choose.

4.  Keep originals unchanged as your local permanent source.


Note: the spreadsheets are at 75%  (Zoom) size.


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