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Beliefs and Core Values

  • Children - the future
  • The Learner’s Creed
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • The Public
  • Professional-Layperson Partnerships

    Children - the future

    Children are our future, our only future. Without the children, our species vanishes from the planet in less than a100 years. The last of the olders became unable to care for themselves would die miserable deaths from starvation and neglect the lack of anyone to provide the goods and services that they need. These facts can lead to the following beliefs.

    1. The most important people for the specie are parents, they bring our future into being.

    2. Next is the village that help raise the children, they bring the childern to maturity so they can fulfill the future.

    3. The next most important are the teachers, they pass on to the future the skills and knowledge the society needs to survive.

    4. All others follow. Their order of importance depends on issue at hand. Without the first three above, the others do not have the most essential resource for their endeavors - knowledgeable people!


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    The Learner’s Creed

    1. Children and adults alike, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, social and economic status, occupation, or any of the other characteristics that describe our diversity, everyone, with the appropriate environment can enjoyably learn and use any subject including mathematics, and science. And have fun doing it.

    2. The appropriate environment for learning is one which respects, cherishes and accepts the validity of different learning styles and different points of view, and extensively uses theses differences; one which gives everyone the opportunity to challenge and to be challenged, to question and to be questioned; one which allows everyone to freely explore and express their ideas and thoughts. .

    3. Learning is a life long, self-directed process of personal development, of ever increasing one's knowledge and understanding, and developing and improving one's skills and competencies.

    4. To be a most effective and successful learner one must be knowledgeable about the art and science of learning.

    5. The ultimate failure is not to try.

    6. The ultimate success is to have failed, to learn from that failure, and move on to keep trying until it works.

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    The Public

    1. The attitudes towards, and proficiencies in, mathematics and science of all adults who interact with children, including parents, other care givers, relatives, teachers, business people and the community at large, profoundly influence the attitudes of the children towards mathematics and science, and the opportunities for all children in mathematics and science .

    2. The attitudes towards and understanding of education, learning and teaching of all adults profoundly affects the quality and efficacy of the education and educational resources made available to our children, and to society as a whole.

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    Professional-Layperson Partnerships

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